What a Nice Package You Have

After a package gets whatever you’re buying into your home, it’s usually not useful anymore, and so 70 million tons of packaging waste ends up in U.S. landfills every year.

Aaron Mickelson wondered if he could design products where the packaging could disappear once you no longer needed it, or didn’t exist in the first place. Here are his ideas:

Product: Everyday bar of soap

Current waste in pounds:nivea-existing

Solution: Take the whole bar with package into the shower, where it dissolves

nivea-method nivea-new-1

Product: Trash bags

Current waste in pounds:


Solution: Bags are wrapped around themselves adn pulled out from the center, until only one bag remainsglad-new-3


Product: Laundrey Detergent

Current waste in pounds:


Solution: Package is made up of individual pods that are torn off and dissolve with water.

tide-new-1 tide-new-2 tide-method-1 tide-method-2


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